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Lee Strobel and Mike Vogel on the Set!

Lee Strobel posted on his Twitter handle that he and Mike finally got to meet each other face to face on the Set of “The Case For Christ” yesterday. The resemblance can not be ignored, that’s for sure. How do you all like the hairdo and mustache on Mike? We are loving it!

Lee Strobel Biopic Begins Filming – Jacob Airey


Lee Strobel is known for writing a series of Christian apologetics books starting with the bestselling “The Case For Christ”. The book tells the story of Strobel’s testimony from converting from atheism to Christianity and seeking answers about Jesus Christ. In the book, he interviews several Christian leaders including Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church and author of Courageous Leadership.

“The Case For Christ” spun off a documentary of the same name, but earlier this year, Lee Strobel announced via Twitter that a film based on his journey began filming on Tuesday. Brian Bird, screenwriter for Saving Sarah Cain”, “Not Easily Broken”, and “The Last Sin-Eater” wrote the screenplay. The films stars Erika Christensen (“How To Rob A Bank”), Faye Dunaway (“Network”), and Mike Vogel (“The Help”) as Strobel.

The biopic is being directed by Jon Gunn, known for directing “Do You Believe?” and the documentary “My Date With Drew”. The film is being produced independently.

New Project: The Case For Christ

Mike has a new movie in the making, a Christian film which will be released into theaters in the spring of 2017! The film is based on a true story and book by Lee Strobel. Mike Vogel (Under The Dome, The Help, Poseidon) will portray Lee Strobel himself and Erika Christensen (Parenthood, Flightplan, The Upside Of Anger) portrays his wife, Leslie Strobel. Mike and Erika starred together as Cate and Heath in the MTV Adoption of Wuthering Heights back in 2003.

Happy 3rd, Gabriel James!

Happy Birthday to Mike and Courtney’s precious little fella, Gabriel James Vogel who turns 3 years old today. Time certainly flies. May God bless him health, wealth, wisdom and an endless amount of love and happiness. Picture credits goes out to Mike himself.


Happy 37 Birthday, Mike Vogel!

Happy Birthday, Mike! We, Sarah and Aaron, would like to wish you an incredible day alongside your friends and family. May God keep working through you for His purpose and that He gives you opportunities to continue to do great things.

Happy Birthday

Your character, worth ethic and values says a lot about you and we admire you for your humbleness. Thank you for years of films that we’ve enjoyed watching you in and for bringing friendships together. Enjoy your day to the fullest and here’s to more years to come!

“Lost And Found” – Part 2

Ryan released Part 2 of “Lost And Found” on his Vimeo page today (We’re assuming that Amazon still doesn’t work the way it should), and we have added it down below for you all to check out. Enjoy!

“Lost And Found” – Part 1

The 1 Part of Mike and Ryan’s new Short, called “Lost And Found”, got released on Amazon Instant Video today (Part 2 will be released this Sunday). Don’t miss the opportunity to watch it by clicking here.

Update: Unfortunately, they ran into some technical issues with the Short on Amazon, so while they are solving the problem, Ryan released the 1 Part (The Hunter) on his Vimeo page as well. You don’t wanna miss out on this Short. Press the Play button, now.

Instagram Update by Ryan Smith #6 – Sneak Peek

The Short Film that Mike and Ryan has been working on is now fully wrapped, and will soon be released as a Amazon Instant Video. More details are yet to come and we’re excited to keep you all posted.

It took longer than I anticipated, but this short is finally finished and set to release any day now…

Ett foto publicerat av Ryan Smith (@itsryansmith)

Mike Vogel attends Actor-Com 2016

Mike attended the Actor-Com in Nashville, TN yesterday and spoke at the Working Actors Panel alongside Ed Amatrudo, John Diehl, Lacy Hartselle and LaQuita James. We have gathered some of the pictures from the event and added them to the gallery, check them out below.

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Public Appearances Actor-Com – Day 2 (2016.06.26)

Instagram Update by Ryan Smith #5 – Sneak Peek

Ryan went on Instagram and shared a collage with Sceen Captures from the upcoming short film that he and Mike has been working on since a while back. This is very exciting news, and we can’t wait to share all the details with you all!

Frame grabs from the new short. Still in post, but getting close to the finish line.

Ett foto publicerat av Ryan Smith (@itsryansmith)



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