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  • Happy 10 Years Online, Mike-Vogel.com!

    Sep 19
    posted by admin

    Everyone! Please take a moment and send a special message to Mike, congratulating him on his success and for his official site turning 10 years old!

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    14 Responses to “Happy 10 Years Online, Mike-Vogel.com!”

    1. Hello Mike :) Congrats for the 10 years
      You are a fantastic actor I’m sure best things are coming for you :)
      I love you

      Kiss from France

    2. Omg I am totally in love with you seriously you are my idol. You are amazing on underthedome . I love you with a passion .would love to meet you one day haha a girl can dream xxx

    3. What an amazing man! I have seen a lot, not all, of your work and its very heart warming to see the changes you have made. You have really grown as an actor and I for one believe you are a very versatile actor. Loved Under the Dome, can’t wait for season two! Keep up the great work, good luck in all you do!! Mike Vogel fan forever!!

    4. I’ve always thought that there is something fascinatingly powerful….almost magical, in acting. It lets a person have an influence on many others, without a real contact. Perfect strangers, that become, somehow, important. I can gladly dedicate entire hours…to see the last work of my favorite actor… you, in this case :) How it can be possible? No, how it can be different :) The film, is just the starting point and then..then the magic :) …for me..the Poseidon premiere in Rome, in 2006, is the time when two 12′s, me and my best friend, escaped from their houses to be there; subtitled episodes of Pan Am had been a great occasion to fill entire sheets with brand new expressions in English, that now are mine too ; Under The Dome, means having friends at dinner, chat and speculate, about what will happen next :) And who knows how many people have similar stories :) You were unaware of these, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, and probably we won’t never know each other. But, thanks to what you’ve chosen to do, you came into my life anyway, bringing relief, fun, laughs..memories :) And I want to thank you for them, now that I have the possibility. Thank you, Mike Vogel :)

    5. We watch everything you are in from traveling pants to to under the dome. Whether it is a movie or tv series we are your cheerleaders . We wish you many more years of success

    6. Congrats on a big mile stone! 10 years online! Mike, you’re an amazing actor! Keep up the great work! So good to have you on Twitter too! We all love you so much! You have an amazing talent and a huge heart! Lotsa love!

      Dinelle Fuller – San Diego, CA
      Twitter- @Dinelle_Fuller

    7. Happy 10 years making incredible movies and doing awesome TV! My 3 fav movies are Open Graves, Deaths of Ian Stone and Poseidon! I can watch these over and over again! Actually I do! :) And I totally enjoyed Under The Dome and can’t wait for season 2! HUGS!

    8. Hello congrats for the 10 years of incredible movies and performance :) .My 4 favorite movies are Supercross, The Deaths of Ian Stone, Caffeine,
      Poseidon. I like the rest of the films because there awesome. I wish you all the love and good in the world. :)

    9. Hello, Barbie… oh, I mean Mike! Just wanna say that I will always see your face when I will open my favorite book. You are really incredibly talented, you deserved your crown.
      P.S. Please keep that light in your eyes. It makes you different.

    10. Congradulations on 10 years online! Hope you’ve had an amazing time, and we all can’t wait to see you in season 2 of Under the Dome! Thanks for being an amazing actor, and goodluck in all future projects you have!

    11. Dear Mike!
      I congratulate you on the 10 year anniversary of Mike-Vogel.com!!!!
      I wish to your site Mike-Vogel.com a very Happy Birthday!
      Many happy returns of the day! Have a lot of success and all the best!
      You are an amazing actor, a wonderful person, I fell in love with your character from the first minute of “Under the Dome”! Can’t wait to see you again in the new season! I wish you many great projects in your career and a lot of success and happiness in your life!

      From Russia with love

    12. Dear Mike! I want to say thank you for your creation. I watched almost all your movies. Finally I can say thank you for Chris Deleo. He`s my embodiment of a perfect man and that was my first time I saw you. Barby is wonderful too, of course. Hell, my English is terrible! … But my respect and my gratitude are very large, you must to know. I just wish you happiness!

      From Russia with love

    13. Dear Mike ! You are a great actor, I wish you a successful career, cheer us )) always! Group of customers in contact about you sends her greetings !)
      Viktoria from Vladivostok(Russia)

    14. Hi Mikey!
      Congratulations for the 10 years, you’re such an amazing actor,I adore you so much. I’ll support you forever. Vogelholic forever you know ;)

      Love from Sweden!

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