Instagram Updates from “The Brave” cast

One could say it is not a secret that Mike and his cast mates loves to share their work for “The Brave” on social media – And we, the fans, appreciate it big time. Therefor, we thought we would share some of the Instagram updates that has been shared by the cast recently. Admit that you also get excited for September 25 when you see all these awesome pics? 62 days to go, friends.


When there’s no way out.. #thebrave #fullsquad @nbcthebrave

Ett inlägg delat av Natacha Karam (@natacha.karam)


Weighted uphill hikes in Albuquerque with the team ⛰⛰#thebrave #girlputinwork #workhardplayhard

Ett inlägg delat av Natacha Karam (@natacha.karam)


the start to many early days ???☕️#filming @nbcthebrave

Ett inlägg delat av Noah Mills (@noahmills)


Just some tactical weapons training with a navy seal. You know, your standard Monday afternoon. @nbcthebrave #ilovemyjob

Ett inlägg delat av Tate Ellington (@tateellington)