Site Updates

We ended up giving the entire website a m(i)keover

We wrote in a previous, now deleted, post that we had just updated the website with a brand new header – In honor of 2019. But as you all can see we ended up giving a brand new layout instead! Why not, we thought. We hope all you fans

New Header is up

Vogelholics, I finally got to the point where I was thinking that a brand new header would be a fact – So I went ahead and created one. One for our Website, and one for the Official Facebook Club! I hope you like it. Asking me, I like this one way

Mike Vogel’s Official Website – Newly Launched

Hello! Welcome to the new version of – Mike’s Official Website on the internet. This site began in late 2003 when Mike was barely a new comer with two movies being released – MTVs “Wuthering Heights” and Michael Bays’ “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. If it hadn’t been for Mike’s parents, I wouldn’t have had

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