Wild Man

“Wild Man” – Mike on Set #4

Mike and Nichole Marie Lim (Hair and Makeup Artist) on Set.   Had a fantastic time making @realmikevogel up for #wildmanmovie. Honored to know and work with this man. Such a talent and great man. #tanning #foshizzle #gettinmytanon #crossfit #orange Ett foto publicerat av ✨nichole marie lim✨ (@nicholemarielim) Nov 9,

“Wild Man” – Mike on Set #3

Day 9 of filming “Wild Man”. Mike is getting some MakeUp on!   Day 9: 3 locations with company moves and reshoots within principal photography #wildmanmovie #bestcast #bestcrew #ever Ett foto publicerat av jacquie p (@jacqsified) Nov 3, 2015 kl. 5:29 PST

“Wild Man” – Mike on Set #2

Mike on Set today with the cast and crew. What a great day working with such talented peeps!! #happydirector #wildmanmovie #setlife @ismisswoods @Mike_Vogel pic.twitter.com/vA5U5GVbJ7 — stefanie black (@thestefblack) November 3, 2015

“Wild Man” – Mike on Set

Mike have been casted for a new movie, called “Wild Man”, which we mentioned in our previous post earlier today. Yet we don’t know anything about his part in it, or the movie in general, but what we do know is that they are currently filming it in Nashville, Tennessee. http://elimphipps.tumblr.com/post/132433204591/mike-vogel-under-the-dome-cloverfield-getting

New project: “Wild Man”

We can only speculate, but as it seems, Mike has a new project going on, called “Wild Man”. #mikevogel supreme badass. #wildmanmovie Ett foto publicerat av jacquie p (@jacqsified) Nov 2, 2015 kl. 11:15 PST

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