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Character: Nick Smith
Directed By:
 Kenny Leon

Writers: Jürgen Wilhelm, Suzette Couture, Teena Booth
Genre: Drama, Romance
Run Time: 93 minutes
Released: April 20, 2014
Released On DVD: April 21, 2014


In this romantic comedy, Natalie Russo and Nick Smith are two lonely people not entirely convinced they’ll find the mate of their dreams. Natalie runs her family’s traditional Italian restaurant but is restless to put her own stamp on it, while Nick is a bridge architect who’s slaving away for a selfish boss who never gives him any credit or opportunity. After Natalie and Nick each throw a penny into the local fountain, they start having dreams about each other, during which they fall in love and long to be together. The problem is, how do they find the person of their dreams-literally-in real, waking life?

IMDb 0469


Katharine Mcphee as Natalie Russo
Mike Vogel as Nick Smith
JoBeth Williams as Charlotte Smith
Joe Massingill as Joe Yablonski
Rachel Skarsten as Jessa
Antonio Cupo as Mario
Jessalyn Wanlim as Sharla
Chiara Zanni as Lori Beth Wacker

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