Mike is this week’s guest on the Southerner Podcast

Mike Vogel is this week’s guest on the Southerner Podcast by Made Souths Chris Thomas, and we’ve added the episode below! To sum it up, it was truly an amazing episode from start to finish. Thank you Chris for reconsidering having Mike in your podcast, we are so happy!  This week

Cairn 10 Podcast: Mike Vogel

Hello there! The Cairn 10 Podcast with Mike Vogel is now finally online! Wohooo! Listen to the episode by clicking here. The recording was made meanwhile he visited Cairn University, about a month ago.

Mike Vogel on The Drew Carson Show

Source: Podcastgarden.com Mike Vogel was welcomed to the Virtual Studio this week. Hear Mike talk about working on projects like “Under The Dome”, “The Help” and “Cloverfield”, and about flying planes. The music in the podcast episode is provided by the uber-talented Mrs Ariel Petrie.

Mike joins TheBadChristian Podcast #93

Mike Vogel joined TheBadChristian Podcast today and talked about the difficulties of being a Christian in the Hollywood movie scene, and more. Fast forward to 36:46 if you would like to catch up with the Interview down below.

Mike joins the “Match Cut” Podcast

This week Mike joined the “Match Cut” podcast, created by his friend Ryan Smith. They talk about Mike’s career in film and television, and also about the project they’re working on together, called “Reverse”. The episode is now available on ITunes. Go listen!

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