(2007) The Deaths Of Ian Stone

Character: Ian Stone
Directed By:
 Dario Piana

Writer: Brendan Hood
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Run Time: 87 minutes
Released: November 9, 2007
Released On DVD: March 18, 2008

In England, Ian Stone finds himself trapped in a weird situation: everyday, he meets the same persons in the most different situation, including Medea and Jenny; around 5PM, the watches stop and Ian is haunted by beings with claws and he has a painful death, waking again in another life. When an old man meets him and tells that he must protect Jenny to resurrect again, Ian begins to unravel a great mystery.

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Mike Vogel as Ian Stone
Jaime Murray as Medea
Christina Cole as Jenny Walker
Michael Feast as Gray
Charlie Anson as Josh Garfield
Michael Dixon as Brad Kopple

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