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  • Happy 10 Years Online, Mike-Vogel.com!

    Sep 19
    posted by admin

    Everyone! Please take a moment and send a special message to Mike, congratulating him on his success and for his official site turning 10 years old!

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    Mike-Vogel.com’s 10 Years Online Project

    Sep 19
    posted by admin

    Hey everyone! This is Aaron. September 20th will be 10 years since Mike-Vogel.com has been online from its 2003 opening. Soon I will post the story of how Mike-Vogel.com came about. The important thing now is that you, the fans, submit any kind of artwork, video, etc that you have of Mike and submit it to us! We will then post it on this website and MIKE VOGEL (yes, the one and only!) will check it out.

    Our main goal and purpose is to keep showing Mike the support. He’s been working for more than 10 years and has grown to be such a versatile actor. It’s amazing that 10 years have passed and to still see him being successful! Especially with Under the Dome. So this is perfect! Guys, this is your chance (and there will be many more) to show him YOUR support! So click on the navigation above this site and submit your work! We can’t wait to show Mike what we have in store for him!

    Thank you to Jay for designing this wonderful layout and convincing me to open Mike-Vogel.com in 2003.  And for Holly who has been such an amazing web tech and made this special page work. All of us have been supporting Mike since he started and we feel honored to present him this project!