Mike Vogel’s Official Website – Newly Launched

Hello! Welcome to the new version of Mike-Vogel.com – Mike’s Official Website on the internet. This site began in late 2003 when Mike was barely a new comer with two movies being released – MTVs “Wuthering Heights” and Michael Bays’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

If it hadn’t been for Mike’s parents, I wouldn’t have had this amazing opportunity. Not only did I meet Mike and his lovely wife, Courtney, on the set of the movie “Poseidon”, I also got to make amazing friends. And in-between that I was gaining knowledge on the tech side of web design.  So my thanks goes to the Vogel family and to the loyal visitors that have been visiting since!

This is a new chapter on cyberspace, getting on with the times of social networking and high-tech looking designs. We are just getting started and will bring you anything Mike (Not including paparazzi pictures, so don’t come here looking for those). Follow us on Twitter by clicking here, and Like us on Facebook here. Enjoy your stay!

Aaron, Webmaster

  1. Wooho, mike-vogel.com is back… that’s awesome! I really missed the web site. The new design is great and i’m looking forward to the new stuff. Thank you Aaron for bringing the site back to all the Vogelholics out there…


  2. Wuju!, Mike, and I missed you so much, how good that these again with signs of life. greetings from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

    Vogelholics Viva!, or should I say, Vogelicious XD, hahahahahaha, I Love You Mike!!! ;)

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