Sneak Peek: “Under The Dome” 1×12 – Exigent Circumstances

TV Guide’s description of “Under The Dome”s episode 12 (Exigent Circumstances).


Dale “Barbie” Barbara has always been a man of few words, but in the September 9’s episode of “Under The Dome” it looks as though he has the right to remain silent.“Barbie doesn’t weigh his actions — he just acts”, says Mike Vogel, adding that his character “Will find himself in some very violent situations” as CBS’s hit Summer Series wraps up its first season on September 16.

Has ­Barbie’s deadly past finally caught up with him? Or is this all part of Big Jim’s latest power play? Those secrets are being kept under wraps, but fans of Stephen King’s novel should expect a new ending to this chapter of the story. Says executive producer Neal Baer: “We’re kind of going in a different direction”.

Episode 12 airs September 9, 2013.