Mike Vogel and Daisy Betts talks “Childhood’s End”

Source: Hollywood Outbreak

The highly anticipated Syfy series Childhood’s End is based on Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal novel about the invasion of Earth by an alien race known as the Overlords. This takeover is initially deemed as a peaceful situation, as humanity enters a near utopian existence. Science fiction, however, isn’t grounded in rose colored happy endings and rainbows, as the Overlords have a completely different vision on the longevity of the human race.

Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel) is the main link between the Overlords and the humans, as the Overlord Karellen (Charles Dance) uses Ricky as their messenger of seeming goodwill. Daisy Betts co-stars as Ricky’s wife Ellie. “As a couple, we represent how amazing love can be”, she said. “And how a relationship can be very rewarding. We, in a sense, had our own utopia, before the Overlords came and delivered this utopia as they kind of see it. Disease is eradicated. Injustice is eradicated. Greed is gone. There’s no more violence – no poverty. There’s fresh water for everyone. These are the grand (things) we are all striving for which is great but then it leaves a lack of inspiration and sort of a blandness to society. This show explores that and how people react to that”.