“The Brave” – Why it’s worth checking out this fall on NBC

Source: Cartermatt.com

It’s September which means a whole bunch of new shows are about to debut on our televisions. While there are many shows about to compete for viewers, there’s one show we are excited about and hope it finds its fans and that’s NBC’s “The Brave”.

The series was one of the first regular series added to 2017-2018 network television schedule for NBC with Matt Corman and Chris Ord serving as the showrunners. The show stars Mike Vogel, Anne Heche, Demetrius Grosse, Noah Mills, Sofia Pernas, Tate Ellington, Natacha Karam, and Hadi Tabbal.

So you may be asking why this series caught our attention and here’s why:

Mike Vogel – Personally, we always been a fan of the shows he’s starred in. One of our favorites that he starred in but got cancelled too soon was “Miami Medical”. We loved this show because of the premise and the cast. The show featured Vogel’s talent and his ability to disappear into his character who was an trauma surgeon.

In “The Brave”, Vogel will play a military commander who, along with his team, will execute the most challenging and dangerous missions behind enemy lines. It’s an intriguing dynamic and different from what’s on television now. Most shows that go behind enemy lines are character who work for the FBI, but this show will focus on the military personnel that risks their lives to perform a mission. We can’t wait to see Vogel in this new role.

The trailer – NBC released the trailer a little while ago and instead of flipping the channel every time it comes on, we watch it. The premiere episode of the freshmen series looks exciting. Now it’s obvious that the team will succeed in their rescue mission but it’s the process that the trailer hinted at that makes us want to check the new series out.

The trailer also hinted that the series has a serious and intense mood to it, which means fans will be on the edge of their seat praying that the mission will go as played. It will hopefully have us second guessing ourselves. This makes for great television.

NBC – NBC has some great shows on its network. Some of our favorite shows such as “The Blacklist”, “This Is Us”, and “Timeless” run on the network so if “The Brave” was picked up NBC then we trust that the show is pretty good, or at the very least, worth taking a look at.

“The Brave” premieres on September 25 on NBC. For future news related to “The Brave”, be sure to visit this link.