The new NBC show “The Brave” has it all under control


In a fall TV season that features a squadron of military dramas, “The Brave” stands out as the one that moves the genre forward most. It’s about an elite military and intelligence team operating above the fray of politics and bureaucracy. They gather intel and execute missions in different hotspots around the globe, week after week.

“The Brave” is sort of like “Criminal Minds”, if the agents were from Delta Force, the Navy SEALs and the CIA. And if “The Brave” reminds you of Homeland, that’s because it mines similar material—and comes from the same executive producer. So you can expect premium quality television.

Watch “The Brave” Mondays at 10/9c on NBC. And watch it anytime you want with PrimeTime Anytime on DISH. Your DISH DVR automatically records primetime television every night on major networks. So you can watch at your leisure. You can find the September 25th premiere on Primetime Anytime right now!

In the pilot episode, doctor and journalist Kimberly Wells is kidnapped by a militant group in Syria. The analysts in DC and the agents in the field have to rescue her, wrangle with her kidnappers, and neutralize their leader—who was supposed to be dead.

“The Brave” stars Anne Heche, Mike Vogel, Sofia Pernas, Tate Ellington, and Demetrius Grosse. We caught up with the cast to ask them about what it’s like to play the toughest, fastest, most elite force on all of television. We hear they trained really hard.