How did veterans influence “The Brave”? – Mike Vogel interview with Connecting Vets


Mike Vogel stars as Captain Adam Dalton, who leads a team of Spec War Operators and CIA agents on covert missions around the world. As badass as the show’s premise is, it’s not surprising Mike draws inspiration from real military veterans for his role.

As a child, Mike was inspired by his grandfathers, who both fought in World War II. One was a tank commander who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and the other was a Seabee in the Navy.

On set, Mike and the rest of the cast keep things as realistic as possible with help from Mikal Vega, a retired Navy SEAL who’s made Hollywood his home. He’s an actor, a stunt coordinator, and a technical adviser to military movies and shows like “The Brave”.

“Mikal Vega has been incredible. Not only does he come from the SEAL team, but he’s an actor also, so he understands the blend”, Mike said.

“Sometime we’re doing things tactically or using terms no one will understand… he helps us find a way to blend both of those worlds. Staying accurate and true to our military but also satisfying the visual and the creative of making a television show”.

Hear more about “The Brave” and how Mikal kicks the actors into shape in the full interview.