Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we posted anything here on the website. Currently I’m cleaning it up a bit so that it will be smoother to browse. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed watching Mike as Cooper Connelly in season 2 of “Sex/Life” which premiered on Netflix earlier this year. In my opinion one of his best performances. The character arc of Cooper wrecked me and Mike played it so well. I hope we get to see him in something soon, but the actors strike is still ongoing.

Some of you have messaged us on Facebook regarding access to our gallery. Unfortunately it’s been shut down because of technicalities that we don’t have had time to resolve yet since it requires a lot of work. Needed to say is that we’re on Instagram though — follow for frequent pictures of Mike.

Speaking of Instagram. A little more over a year ago our original Instagram account with 5000+ followers got hacked and we didn’t manage to take it back, therefore the lack of inspiration and interest in both running the website and creating a new account. As you probably can tell we’re back on both platforms and hope that some of you would like to continue following us. Aaron and I thank you for your loyal support in Mike and his work! Please know that we appreciate everyone of you in this amazing community.