#1 | Mike creates a playlist for each one of his characters that he is portraying in order to get in to their mindset

#2 | Mike can be seen doing a Cameo Appearance in Battle Of The Sexes (2017)

#3 | Mike and Erika Christensen starred together for the first time in the MTV adaptation of Wuthering Heights (2003) as love interests and reunited 14 years later on screen as husband and wife in The Case For Christ (2017)

#4 | Mike was originally considered for a supporting role in Wuthering Heights (2003) but he impressed the film team so much with his acting and musical talent that he was ultimately cast in the lead male role

#5 | Mike does not like salty licorice

#6 | Actor Kurt Russell helped teach him how to fly

#7 | Mike loves DIY-projects like chopping down trees and re-shingling his roof

#8 | Mike have a great singing voice but has said that he would never do a singing career, because he’s just in for the acting

#9 | Mike went to the same High School as Brian Baker, the guy who does the sprint commercials (in the trench-coat). He lived a few blocks away, but never knew him

#10 | His pug Orlando was the ring bearer at his wedding

#11 | Mike played music growing up

#12 | Mike is not a fan of sushi

#13 | Mike loves all things cars

#14 | Mike have two younger siblings, Daniel Aaron and Kristin

#15 | Mike and his wife, Courtney, got married in the same church as his parents

#16 | For the Seventeen Magazine, Mike had borrowed a friend’s dog, Tex to be on the cover shoot with him when he couldn’t bring his pugs

#17 | Mike was a Wrestler in High School

#18 | Mike is a licensed pilot

#19 | Mike loves to hunt

#20 | His last name Vogel, means bird in German and Dutch

#21 | Mike started out his acting career as a model

#22 | Mike studied at the Lynette Sheldon Actors Studio in New York

#23 | Mike was offered the part of Angel in the film X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), but declined in order to star in Poseidon (2006) instead

#24 | Mike worked as a plumber at his father’s plumber business before his model and acting days

#25 | Mike served as chair of the VA National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans in 2008

#26 | Mike was the runner up to Chris Pine for the role of Kirk in Star Trek (2009)

#27 | Both of his grandfathers fought in World War II

#28 | Mike were supposed to star in Love Wrecked (2005) with Amanda Bynes, but decided to go with The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (2005) instead

#29 | Mike was supposed to guest star in The O.C (2003-2007) but wasn’t muscular enough, so the role was given to another actor

#30 | Mike were close to being one of the main leads of a TV show, but he decided he was more of a film actor, so he turned down the offer

#31 | Mike likes to combine either cookies and cream, or mint chocolateship with Sprite

#32 | Buddy TV ranked Mike #96 on their list of TV’s Sexiest Men of 2011

#33 | Buddy TV ranked Mike #5 on their list of TV’s Sexiest Men of 2013

#34 | Mike is left handed

#35 | In 2000 Mike was an extra on the TV show Young Americans (2000)