WEDNESDAY | JULY 24 | 2013

I apologize for the uproar the last couple of days. I am surprised at how serious a reaction people are having because of Rachelle’s tweet. She was simply trying to protect me, for which I am grateful. Aaron, the man who runs this feed, site, etc, has dealt with a huge amount of fallout since then, for no good reason. He has been honest and upfront about the fact that he is NOT claiming to be me. Aaron has run my fan site since 2003. He is a great great guy, and provides a great amount of information about me and my career so that those that are interested can follow me.

From time to time I will check in with the site and send a message out to everyone, as I am doing now. I may or may not join twitter at some point in the future. I am a private person and social media challenged :). Until that happens, I want to make it clear that I support the work that Aaron has done for me, to this point, and encourage everyone to rally around him. I cannot thank all of you enough for your support of my career all these years, and hopefully there are many more to come. Much Love!!



Hey Everybody!
Well, I am soooo sorry that it has taken so long to get back to everyone. I am not the quickest guy in the world, lol. Anyway, yeah, let’s see, where to begin. So, I finished up Havoc. It was a really good experience, and the Movie that has come out of it is pretty impressive. I am not sure as of yet how wide the release will be. I do know they are in a race to get the whole thing put together by mid- January, I think it is, so that they can take it to the Sundance Film Festival. I am really looking forward to doing the film festival circuit. I’ve had some friends that have had movies there, and it is just a really fun atmosphere.

So, Courtney and I have had a really great time at home over the holidays. We first went and visited her family, then drove up to PA to spend the rest of the time with my family and are getting on a plane and heading back to wonderful Los Angeles tomorrow morning. The visit was like the rest of them…..too short, with too many people to see. One of these days I’ll be smart enough to actually plan the thing right.

Um…..I filmed my final farewell episode on Grounded For Life in mid- November. The experiences I had on the show, and with the people associated with it have been priceless, and I will miss it, but I am also excited for what the future holds. When I get home, I am going to be filming a teaser for a movie called Crash and Burn. A teaser is like a little 10 minute movie that shows the studio that is interested in funding the movie exactly what the director has in mind. If all goes well, the studio will give the movie a green light. I am really excited about the movie. It’s about this brother and sister who’s father was a dare devil motorcycle type, and was killed attempting a stunt. The brother and sister grow up, go their separate ways, and she gets mixed up with the wrong people, so I have to go and try to knock some sense into her thick skull…sounds exciting, huh?! I know that doesn’t give you much to go on, but it’s just too complicated to get into now. I am excited because in the movie I ride a dirt bike again, and as my stunt doubles we are using a couple of guys from the Metal Militia. For those that don’t know, they are the famous crazy motorcross team from the X Games…..Gosh, I love my job!!!

Oh well, it’s getting super late here, my eyes are starting to cross, and Courtney still has to go through and proof read this whole letter to make sure my elementary- level spelling is able to be read by all you fine folk! I hope you all had a blessed holiday season, and I will try not to stay silent for so long this time. Oh yeah, and I will be sending pictures of my childr…..uh, i mean my Pugs soon so that everyone can fall in love with them as much as I have. Much love everyone, thank you more than words can say for all of your support, and God Bless!

Till Next Time,

SUNDAY | OCTOBER 23 | 2003

Hey Everyone!
This is Mike! Sooooo, yeah, I am sorry that it is taken me so long to respond on here. I have been insanely busy filming my new movie “Havoc” . Most nights we have been filming all night long and into the morning, going home and sleeping for a few hours, and then waking up and doin the same thing over again. Anyway, I really just wanted to thank all of you guys and gals for the support and for going to see the movies. To me, acting is the single most influential tool anyone can use to affect human beings. I still remember going to see Saving Private Ryan with my family and my Grandfather before he passed away, and I ended up watching him more than i watched the movie.(Of course i would go on to see the movie about 10 times in the theater…I know, I am insane!) Anyway, seeing how my grandfather, whom I am almost positive had never even gone to see a movie in a theater, was affected by this true re-enactment, and having been in WWII himself, I knew at that moment that there could be nothing else in this life that i would be happy doing! All that to say that I am just getting going in this business, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The movies I have done so far have been incredible blessings, and I have tried to mix things up everytime and not get stuck in the same pattern.

However, the future holds many, many bright opportunities to do work that just gets down into people’s souls and hearts, and moves them. I know that after sitting through two hours of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that seems ironic, lol, but it’s all a means to an end. So, I just want to say, a tremendous job has been done with this site, and i am sooo grateful for all of your support! Oh……yeah, and if I ever grow my hair out as long as it is in the pictures on the homepage again….Someone please drug me and cut it off! Yes, it has since been cut…..Look on the net for the Texas premiere pictures. Thanks again

Much Love,
Acts 20:24