Exclusive Teaser of “Childhood’s End”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

“Childhood’s End” is said to be a Special 3 night event that will premiere in December 2015. No air dates has yet been announced. The Mini Series “Childhood’s End” won’t premiere on Syfy until December, but you can already feel an eerie chill radiating from the exclusive teaser.

“Childhood’s End” follows the peaceful invasion of Earth by a group of Overlords. Their ambassador, Karellen (Charles Dance, “Game of Thrones”), makes the first contact with humanity with the earthling Ricky Stormgren (Mike Vogel, “Under The Dome”).

In this teaser we see Dance himself telling the tale of how we “needed supervising” and the Overlords came one day, as we see clips of men, women, and children from cities all over the world gazing up at large aircrafts hovering in the sky. “They’re going to give you what you imagine heaven on Earth to be as an attempt at sugaring the pill”, Dance says. “More than that I cannot say at the moment”, Dance ends with a devious smile. The teaser for “Childhood’s End” will premiere Friday night during the “12 Monkeys” finale at 9PM ET on Syfy.