Mike talks “Childhood’s End” – Hollywood Outbreak


Source: Hollywood Outbreak

Premiering December 14 on SyFy (8 pm et/pt), “Childhood’s End” centers on the invasion of Earth by an alien race called the Overlords. Offering humans a utopian society, the meeting starts off to a promising start but any kind of takeover has its drawbacks.

Based on Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal book, “Childhood’s End” questions a future that takes a look at the sacrifices humanity may endure if alien contact is achieved.

“This is the beauty of the show”, says Mike Vogel, who plays a human who has direct contact with the Overlords. “It asks these large questions. You think that you want this thing and in a bubble it sounds fantastic for ten minutes. And then you start to realize the implications of that and what it means. You would lose self-expression”.

Click on the Media bar above to hear Mike talk about “Childhood’s End” and the profundity of Arthur C. Clarke’s epic storyline (He also mentions Series writer Matthew Graham in the clip).