Artistic Hall of Fame 2016 – Photos

The gallery is now updated with pictures from Monday night’s Artistic Hall of Fame event at William Tennent High School! would like to thank Michelle and Steve over at the Centennial School District for taking their time and sending us their pictures! Thank you very much! Michelle also wrote us a Background Information about the event, so go ahead and read it down below.

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In the first picture to the left is the Principal Dr. Dennis Best. The woman next to Mike is Dr. Jennifer Polinchock, Assistant Superintendent. The man to the right is the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Dave Baugh. In the middle picture is Mike with Mr. Craig Shapiro. Craig. He is William Tennent High School’s Physical Education and Heath Teacher and he had the honor of introducing Mike.

Centennial School District Artistic Hall of Fame was held on Monday, May 2, 2016 at the William Tennent High School-located at 333 Centennial Road in Warminster Pennsylvania. There was a reception hour at 4:00pm and an Induction Ceremony at 5:00pm. This is the 1st annual Artistic Hall of Fame for our district and we were honored to have Mike Vogel attend. All of the pictures are courtesy of Wendy Collins, teacher at William Tennent High School.

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