“The Case For Christ” – Brand New Trailer

Source: USAToday

Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel’s 1998 best-selling book “The Case for Christ” heads to the screen April 7, with its first trailer revealed on USAToday.com. Mike Vogel plays Strobel as a Chicago Tribune investigative reporter in 1980, when Strobel begins to investigate Christianity, compelled by his wife Leslie’s (Erika Christensen) newfound faith.


The search leads to life-altering results. Case for Christ features Faye Dunaway as skeptic Dr. Roberta Walters and Robert Forster as Strobel’s father Walter. “It’s been an incredible journey, not only to go from atheism to faith, but to see the raw reality of our lives played out on film”, Strobel says. “In the end, it’s our hope that everyone who sees it will take their own faith journey”.