Stars of new NBC show support New Mexico veterans


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M – Military-themed show “The Brave” premieres on NBC September 25. Mike Vogel, who plays Captain Adam Dalton, said the show deals America’s elite undercover military.

“It’s two teams; her back in the DIA and our Omega team on the ground and basically just showcases resiliency”, he said. Vogel believes it’s an especially important show for New Mexico. It’s shot in Albuquerque. That’s why the cast showed up to Tuesday night’s Wrangler National Patriot Rodeo in support of “Horses for Heroes – Cowboy Up!”

Organization leader Rick Iannucci and his wife Nancy said the cast approached them.

“We play the real-life version of you guys. How can we help? How can we help support your real world mission and Anne Heche took over from there – she got the crew together”, he said.

Heche plays Patricia Campbell, the deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. “I knew that our show needed to have an organization here locally that we could support”, Heche said.

Horses for Heroes is a free program.

“Post-9/11 veterans and active military, we work extensively with the New Mexico National Guard and Air Guard”, Iannucci said. “We take the military skill set and we reapply them to help ease with that transition”, added Nancy De Santis.

Tuesday’s show of support is just the beginning.

“Being a military show, anything we can do the shed light on veterans issues, we want to do”, Vogel said. “To have their support, it’s just quite an honor”, added De Santis.

Heche said it’s the least the cast can do. “Just to say thank you for all the people who are here, who serve in the military and fight with their lives”, she said. “And we want to say thank you. That’s why we’re here”.