Vogel deems his “Brave” new role

Source: OnTVToday.com

In a fall television season that’s introducing several new military dramas, Mike Vogel hopes “The Brave” will stand out.

The “Under The Dome” alum stars in NBC’s entry in the covert-operations sweepstakes, premiering Monday, Sept. 25. His character, Adam Dalton, leads an elite unit – comprised of Army, Navy and CIA pros – that’s sent around the world on risky missions for the Defense Intelligence

Agency, whose Washington, D.C.-based deputy director (Anne Heche) uses high-tech means to monitor the assignments as they’re carried out.

Vogel deems his “Brave” new role “a bucket-list opportunity in my career, just getting the opportunity to pay homage to my family members (and) some of my nearest and dearest friends that come out of this community, and making sure that we do them justice. There’s a great quote; it’s debatable whether it was George Orwell or Rudyard Kipling that said, ‘People sleep well in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf’.

“I’d like to add to that – and I think we understand it in America – having the freedom of opinion and thought and speech, and to come from many different viewpoints, that’s the beauty that makes up our country. We are afforded that opportunity because rough men and women stand ready to do violence on our behalf and protect that right. So for me, to have the ability to step into that and in some miniscule, tiny way contribute to their real-life heroics is an honor. I’m humbled by it”.

On a purely cosmetic level, Vogel also appreciates the bearded look that “The Brave” requires of him. “It helps me not look 12, so that’s always a plus”, he muses. “We’re sweating our butts off half the time, so it helps hide a little bit of that … but, yeah, I enjoy it. A little itchy, but once you get used to it, you’re fine”.