Pictures added to gallery – Acting Seminar at Cairn University, Pennsylvania

Hey all! Yesterday, February 23, Mike guest spoke at the Cairn University, a christian University in Pennsylvania. Listen to the audio recording from his Acting Seminar by clicking here. would want to thank Roosevelt Nguyen (photographer) and the staff at Cairn University for contributing these great, great shots from Mike’s attendance yesterday. We have now updated the gallery with additional pictures for you all to check out! View them by clicking the link or thumbnails below.

Public Appearances » Cairn University (2018.02.23)


Former Cairn student and actor Mike Vogel (NBC’s “The Brave”, “The Case For Christ”, “Cloverfield”, “The Help”) visited campus to speak to students in a number of venues addressing to topic of Christians in media. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Cairn 10 Podcast with Mike as well! –