The true story of the Douglass family – DVD Release of “The Amendment”

We have just found out the GREAT news that “The Amendment” now is available for purchase on TheAmendmentMovie.comWe don’t know if they’re selling it worldwide, since currently you can only purchase the film if you live in the States. We will keep you updated on this.

Watch the movie trailer down below.

SYNOPSIS: Following missionary work on the Amazon River in Brazil, Dr. Richard Douglass moved his family to the Oklahoma City area, becoming a well-respected Baptist minister to the large congregation of First Baptist Church of Putnam City. His wife Marilyn was an accomplished singer and loving mother. The couple had two children, Brooks and Leslie. On October 15, 1979, two drifters, Glen Ake and Steven Hatch entered their home, tied the parents and Brooks, took 12 year-old Leslie into the bedroom where both men raped her. After tying up Leslie, they shot all four family members killing the parents and leaving the two siblings for dead.

The movie was originally named “Heaven’s Rain” but renamed “The Amendment” for the many words and meanings within that word (to amend, legislative amendment, make amends, and mend).