Check out the first glimpses of “Secret Obsession”. Coming soon to Netflix

Looper dropped a Youtube-video with All The Best Stuff Coming To Netflix In July 2019 yesterday, in which Mike’s new movie is being included. Fast forward to 2:56 to get the first glimpses of it! “Secret Obsession” is coming to Netflix on July 18.

“Few plot devices drive a story about paranoia and uncertainty more often than amnesia, but as common as the trope may be, “Secret Obsession” looks like it might be unique enough to pull it off. The story centers on a woman named Jennifer, played by “The Social Network”s Brenda Song, who wakes up to a headful of amnesia and a husband who may be keeping dangerous secrets from her. Mike Vogel costars as Jennifer’s husband Russell.

Netflix has so far only teased the upcoming film, but all signs point to a tense, edge-of-your-seat thriller”, Looper says.