“Adult Interference” available on Blu-Ray and DVD

Mike Vogel’s new movie “Adult Interference”, formerly known as “Wild Man” has finally dropped on VOD, Blu-Ray and DVD! “Adult Interference” is an Indie Comedy created by Stefanie Black and Jacquie Phillips. Mike plays Brock, a suburban boat salesman.

SYNOPSIS: Stuck in his hometown after being sentenced to 90 days of house arrest, a failed actor takes up residence in his niece’s little pink playhouse. Fueled by booze and boredom, he agrees to teach the neighbor kid how to play football in order to help him fit in at middle school. Their unlikely friendship teaches them both what it means to be a man.

“Adult Interference” stars George Baron, Ted Welch, Kate Upton, Christine Woods, Mike Vogel and Stefanie Black. The movie is available for purchase on AMAZON, AMAZON PRIME, ITUNES, TARGET and WALMART. Make it yours today.