Character: Dean Piramatti
Guest Appearance
Also Known as:
Freaky Finnertys
Created by: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff
Genre: Comedy
Seasons: 5
Run Time: 30 minutes
Premiered: January 10, 2001
Released On DVD: February 7, 2006

Irish Catholic couple Sean and Claudia Finnerty live in New York with their three children Lily, Jimmy, and Henry. They get into all sorts of trouble, usually because of Sean’s brother, Eddie, who’s got connections all over town. Most adventures are later recalled and they find out exactly what happened, like when the family car was supposedly stolen or when Sean’s credit card was mysteriously maxed out. All this and more, and because Sean and Claudia were young and carefree when they got married and had kids, they are now grounded for life, so to speak.


Donal Logue as Sean Finnerty
Megyn Price as Claudia Finnerty
Kevin Corrigan as Eddie Finnerty
Lynsey Bartilson as Lily Finnerty
Griffin Frazen as Jimmy Finnerty
Jake Burbage as Henry Finnerty
Brett Harrison as Brad O’Keefe
Richard Riehle as Walt Finnerty
Miriam Flynn as Sister Helen
Mike Vogel as Dean Piramatti
Gregory Jbara as Dan O’Kneefe

Season 2 | Episode 005 Bang On The Drum
Season 2 | Episode 006 | Smoke On The Daughter

Season 2 | Episode 007 | I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Claus
Season 2 | Episode 013 | Take It To The Limit
Season 2 | Episode 015 | Safety Dance

Season 2 | Episode 016 | Relax
Season 2 | Episode 017 | The Kids Are Alright
Season 2 | Episode 019 | Eddie And This Guy With Diamonds 
Season 2 | Episode 022 | Oops!… I Did It Again

Season 3 | Episode 003 | Cat Scratch Fever
Season 3 | Episode 008 | Who Are You?
Season 3 | Episode 010 | Claudia In Disguise With Glasses
Season 3 | Episode 011 | Tonight’s The Night

Season 4 | Episode 003 | All The Young Nudes
Season 4 | Episode 013 | My Ex-Boyfriend’s Back