MIKE-VOGEL.COM was born late September 2003. It was after watching MTVs Wuthering Heights (2003)  that I, Aaron, decided to start this website. I remember it was only hours away before the movie started and my friend Jules wanted me to screencap the movie because she was going to be working on a Erika Christensen site (Erika is the main character of the movie along with Mike) and she would add those caps to her gallery. So I decided to sit down and watch the movie anyways. At the time I was working on a Drew Barrymore website, but it was hard for me to keep up because of all the work she had done over the years and I decided to start fresh on someone who was starting out and that way I could keep up and follow their career. Being a movie buff that I am (or in the entertainment business in general), I instantly knew that the actor (Mike) playing Heath was a new comer. I was impressed by his singing and acting that he had inspired me to continue with my acting and do something about it. At the time I was very disappointed that I wasn’t doing much with the acting and I just knew this career wasn’t going to work for me, but Mike Vogel changed that in me and I decided to pursue it again.

Mike has a distinct acting style and I hadn’t seen fresh acting in a while. His performance at the end blew me away and at that moment I thought about creating a website for him. I went to a search engine and googled his name and had only found a few articles and interviews, but no website. The thought of going back to improving on my acting skills and doing something about it made it all the better. In that instant I decided to create a website for the multi talented actor not only because he inspired me, but because I also looked up to him as a role model.

SITE NAME: Mike Vogel’s Official Website
URL: Http://
STAFF: Aaron (2003-), Sarah (2014-)
LAUNCHED: September 20, 2003

About five days later, I bought the domain name at and also got a hosting place at I was excited about this new web project and I knew it was going to be different than my other sites. On September 20, 2003 the site was up and there wasn’t much information on him, but with little that I had found it was enough to start with. I knew if I worked hard on getting the word out on Mike Vogel, I was going to help him get his fan base. I really like working on fansites dedicated to people who inspired me, and Mike is certainly one of them.

Before the end of the month, I had received an email from Mr.Vogel, Mike’s dad, and he had said that I was doing a good job with the website. At first I didn’t believe, but somehow I thought that this person was saying the truth. He also corrected me on the biography section and it started to sink in that probably Mike had seen the website as well. So that gave me a bit more of a spark to not just work on the website, but to be honest about the information given to me.

To this day I’m still impressed of how much the website has been visited. is almost reaching its 70,000 mark. The community has grown a lot as well. The message board is over 60 members (there would have been more if I hadn’t lost my old forum) and the fans are just great, the Vogelholics. I also got the chance to interview Mike, who is an awesome guy and down to earth. It shows that he is very humble and normal like any other person in the interview. That was one of the greatest opportunities I’ve had and I’m very thankful for that. is now 10 years old and I just want to say a big thanks to Mike and his whole family for helping me with this website. I couldn’t have done it with official information and an official interview to go along with it. I would also like to thank Jules for making me watch Wuthering Heights (2003) or else I wouldn’t have started this website.

Aaron September 20, 2013