“Pink stars are falling again (And it’s not good)”

Source: Yahoo! TV

“Under The Dome continues to crank up the weirdness as the town struggles to reintegrate back into the real world. Julia and Big Jim have formed a pretty unlikely friendship as two of the only non-“Matrix” residents of Chester’s Mill, while Barbie discovers that sometimes — despite all their efforts to escape — it’s better on the inside of the Dome.

In the exclusive sneak peek clip down below, Jim and Julia are searching for Jim’s dog when those blasted pink stars start falling again — which could be romantic if they weren’t actually meteorites crashing down around them. Julia and Jim find themselves on the run from… what? Actual space rocks? Or is it something sent by the Lifeforce so they can be “pruned away”, as Christine says?

And in the next clip, Barbie discovers an enormous fire driving some unfortunate souls on the outside up against the dome. He wants to help them escape the flames, but it’s not very easy to communicate when you’re separated by an invisible alien Dome thing. Will Barbie be able to save the day again, or will those unfortunate folks get torched? We’re going to choose to be optimistic.