Julia tries to turn Barbie away from the Kinship – Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The lines have been drawn in the battle for Chester’s Mill on “Under The Dome”, and Barbie and Julia find themselves on opposite sides of the struggle. Julia has formed a rebellion with Big Jim, Joe, Norrie, and Hunter, and while that freedom force may not inspire complete confidence, they look to be giving all they can to their strike on Christine’s kinship.

Chief among the people they hope to free from the brainwashed group under Christine’s command is Barbie, who appears to still struggle with what his new alien leader is doing to the townsfolk, yet has been put under a spell by Eva.

In an exclusive clip from this week’s episode, Julia begins to sow the seeds of Barbie’s mistrust for his chosen group. Can she pull away the man she once loved (for approximately less than two weeks), or is he lost to the force controlling the Dome?