Hell hath no fury like a Papa scorned – Yahoo! TV

Source: Yahoo! TV

Okay, Under The Dome fans. We know you’re probably still processing the news that CBS is ending our summer guilty pleasure for good on Sept. 10. But let’s focus on the positive: We may finally get some answers! In this exclusive clip from tomorrow’s penultimate episode, Barbie makes it clear that he won’t let Christine’s crimes stand.

Last week, Eva gave birth to Barbie’s baby, but the proud papa was chased away by the Kinship. Christine took the opportunity — now that her job is done — to kill Eva and take the child/new alien queen. Once Julia and Barbie get a close look at Eva’s body, they realize that it wasn’t the baby that killed her; she was suffocated. “I’m not going to let Christine use my daughter the same way she used me”, fumes Barbie. “I’m gonna find her and I’m gonna kill her!”. Easier said than done, but he’s got two strong motivations to make it happen: Vengeance for Eva and the father/daughter bond. Sure, he only knew a fake Eva and sure his daughter is part (or all?) alien, but that’s just another Thursday in Chester’s Mill.