Jarbie meets the new Queen – Yahoo! TV

Source: Yahoo! TV

This is it! The series finale of Under The Dome“. It’s the show’s last chance to answer any lingering questions and/or rip out our heart by possibly killing off a character we love. Julia and Barbie find themselves surrounded by the Kinship and they finally come face to face with the new queen. “Hey, dad” she says with the sort of smirk. It’s definitely not the look a new father wants to see on the face of the daughter who holds his life in her hands.

Back at Comic Con, showrunner Tim Schlattmann promised, “We are answering all the questions” and that “things are gonna get bananas”. He also suggested there would be a big death that’s “really going to matter”. Was he talking about Christine — or is there a bigger death coming? If Julia or Barbie die, long-time Jarbie fans will be heartbroken. But it also makes sense that Big Jim might sacrifice himself to bring down the dome. Do you think the show will resolve all the questions raised over the past three seasons? Or — since the show is still doing pretty well streaming on Amazon — will they leave some unanswered in hopes of a possible revival somewhere down the road? What questions do you absolutely, positively need answered?