Mike Vogel and Charles Dance interviewed by Blastr

Source: Blastr

One of the first signs that Syfy’s adpatation of Childhood’s End” was taking the job seriously was the casting of Charles Dance as Karellen, leader of the alien Overlords. The veteran actor’s gravitas is unmistakable, as anyone who’s watched him play Tywin Lannister on “Game of Thrones” can attest, and I can’t think of anyone I’d want more as the spokesman for my alien invasion.

Mike Vogel might be younger than Dance, but he’s also been around the block when it comes to science-fiction, having starred in projects like “Under The Dome” and “Cloverfield”. Still, his challenge in “Childhood’s End” is significant, in that his character has been dramatically altered from the book’s version in terms of age and occupation.

How – and why – did these two approach such a seminal work of sci-fi? What do they feel Clarke‘s work has to teach us about our modern world? And what was the American turn of phrase Charles Dance had never uttered before this project? All these questions and more are answered in Part 1 of my interview with Charles Dance and Mike Vogel.