Yahoo Entertainment – Dome Cast answer fan questions

Source: Yahoo! TV

When “Under The Dome” stars Mike Vogel, Colin Ford and Marg Helgenberger stopped by the CBS suite at San Diego Comic Con with exec producer Tim Schlattmann, we had plenty of questions for them. Actually, you had plenty of questions. Dome fans responded to our call for queries in force, and — no surprise here — many of you have real concerns about Julia and Barbie’s future. (Darn you, alternate reality girlfriend Eva!) Vogel, the man behind Barbie, hints that Jarbie shippers have more pain ahead. “Things move fast under the Dome”, he says. “And there’s distractions”.

With the town of Chester’s Mill still trapped under the dome and being controlled by a mysterious (alien?) woman named Catherine (Helgenberger), viewers want to know how long we’re going to have to wait for answers about what, exactly, is going on. “Everything you saw in the first two hours, everything is going to pay itself off”, promises Schlattmann. And yes, he adds, it will happen this season. Satisfied, Dome fans?